The Original EMOJI Brand

11.05.2017 12:53 By D. Knox

emoji backpacks back to school bags lunch bags

Much could be said about the Emojis. These little buggers were created in Japan in 1998 by Shigetaka Kurita (thanks Wikipedia).

Since then, they have evolved and are now modern

and with thousands of available icons. Both kids and adults simply love this "new" way of expressing how we feel. (just don't send the wrong Emoji to the wrong person and you should be fine)

There are horses, unicorns, hearts, flowers, naughty emojis and even Mr Poo. We just can have enough of these icons and they're literally everywhere. From clothing to electronics, bags, shoes, cups, books and even food.

What most people don't know is that the EMOJI has become a registered Trademark in 2013.

Yes you can find lots of Emoji replicas everywhere, some cool ones, and some not so much but the reallity is that The Emoji Company GmbH, from Germany, turned these cool icons into a global iconic Brand.

They're spreading everywhere and even if we wanted to get rid of them, we simply couldn't. (some say they have minds of their own).

According to The Emoji Brand Website EMOJI stands for: Emotional Multicultural Official Joyful Iconic.

Pretty cool right?

Guess what. We have the one and only EMOJI back to school ORIGINAL range.

Backpacks, lunch and travel bags and even pencil cases. All with original and exclusive, yet OFFICIAL, EMOJI designs and with the quality expected from an OFFICIAL product.

There's a party Emoji design, another one that represents friendship and even a rude cheeky little Emoji monkey.

Visit our EMOJI dedicated page HERE