Mickey Mouse. The "Madness" continues

11.05.2017 13:42 By D. Knox

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We all know Mickey Mouse right? Created in 1928 by Walt Disney (wait what? Mickey is 90?) this is one of Disney's most popular characters.

It's not that type of cartoon that creates a sudden hype (Frozen, anyone?) and then vanishes. Last time we saw a Mickey Mouse movie was...wait!I can't even remember.

We do get the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and other mini series, however, and according to his agent, Mickey is not into movies. He likes to enjoy his worldwide sucess even in non English speaking countries where they call him other names. Ciao Topolino. 

Let's have a look at what Mickey is called in some countries:

Arabic - Mickey
Bulgarian - Miki Maus
Chinese - Mi Lao Shu
Czech - Mickey Mouse
Danish - Mickey Mouse
Dutch - Mickey Mouse
English - Mickey Mouse
Estonian - Mikki Hiir
Finnish - Mikki Hiiri
Spanish - Raton Mickey
French - Mickey
German - Micky Maus
Greek - Mikki Maous
Hungarian - Miki Eger
Icelandic - Mikki Mus
Indonesian - Miki Tikus
Italian - Topolino
Norwegian - Mikki Mus
Polish - Miki
Portuguese - Rato Mickey
Russian - Mikki Maus
Swedish - Musse Pigg
Turkish - Mik

The truth is that throughout the years, Mickey went through some changes to adapt to the always evolving world, yet, it retained the original looks from 1928. And no matter what you call it, Mickey will always be Walt Disney's best and most loved character.

Did you know that Walt Disney was the original Mickey Mouse voice?

This little mouse does not need any introduction and after all these years and across many generations of children and even grown ups, it's as popular as ever.

To celebrate Mickey we have a special collection called MADNESS. With a retro yet cool design, thse bags are perfect for both kids and adults. Even Donald Duck is there (as usual looking as though he's mad a someone).

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