Finding Dory UK Release - July 29 2016

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Do you remember Nemo? The little fish that got lost back in 2003? You would think that after 13 years he would be all grown up and would never get lost ever again.

In a way, and according to our inside secret sources, Nemo has been a good little fish for the past 13 years. Swims even faster, good grades at school and even formed a punk rock band. But yet again, someone got lost again. They managed to lose his girlfriend Dory and now they are on a quest to find her.

13 years after the original release of Finding Nemo, we have now Finding Dory. Due to be release in the UK at the end of July, this looks promising.

I still think they should have fit them GPS trackers so they wouldn’t disappear but I’m just The Peanut and undersea world it’s not my area of expertise.

The truth is that this movie looks cute and better than the original Finding Nemo. New characters and it’s now a 3D animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios and with a great voice cast which includes William Dafoe and Diane Keaton. If you're under 30, you probably have no idea who these are, but trust me, they're great artists.

Remember we promised to keep you up to date on the latest characters? Not only we’re doing that but we’re also getting a gorgeous back to school collection featuring Finding Dory characters.

Backpacks, small and large, lunch bags, pencil cases and even a beautiful travel bag all with gorgeous colours and premium quality, featuring Finding Dory

Keep an eye on our website as Nemo, Dory and their friends will arrive in the next couple of weeks.